Monday, February 9, 2009

I will pin you,

Armin Van Buuren Video(shot for Davelocity), Old but still awesome!

27 Mar 08 Armin van Buuren from Club Glow on Vimeo.

The New Coming

I was on assignment covering the mall and the parade route during the inauguration. I was walking up Pennsylvania Ave on the parade route during President Obama's speech. I was memorized how people were captivated by him even though they were not able to see him and just barely able to hear him. Many had been standing in the cold January weather for hours and the day was halfway done. 
 This woman caught my eye out of the thousands that were standing. Waiting for the parade to start, which was hours away. 
 She was totally in the moment, absorbing everything that Obama was talking about as so many that day.